TGI Business Solutions

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In the modern commercial landscape, every business, from fledgling startups to seasoned enterprises, is in a perpetual pursuit of excellence and growth. At the heart of this quest lies the adoption and implementation of effective business solutions. Harnessing Small Business … Continued

eCommerce Challenges and Easy Ways to Overcome Them

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The digital age has bestowed upon us the marvel that is eCommerce, making shopping a more convenient experience than ever before. But this futuristic marketplace is not without its intricacies and challenges. Even as businesses swap brick-and-mortar stores for digital … Continued

Guide on How to Build a Web App

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Building a web app can be an adventurous journey into the digital world, where creativity meets functionality. Gone are the days when developing a web application required massive teams and budget. Now, whether you’re a seasoned developer or a complete … Continued

What is Mobile Application Development?

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The ubiquitous nature of smartphones has transformed how we interact with the world, making it increasingly digitized and always just a tap away. One of the cornerstones of this digital revolution is mobile application development, an interdisciplinary field merging creativity, … Continued

Legacy Application Modernization Strategy

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In a digital world that never sleeps, one might say that outdated software does more than just snore—it practically comatose, becoming a roadblock to innovation and efficiency. Firms across industries grapple with the age-old question: how do we transform what … Continued

What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

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The startup ecosystem has its own jargon, and one term that often reverberates in the corridors of entrepreneurship is the Minimum Viable Product, commonly known as MVP. An MVP can serve as a gateway to success or, in some cases, … Continued

Skills for a DevOps Engineer

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The role of a DevOps engineer is a unique and challenging one, sitting at the intersection of software development and IT operations. Companies are rapidly moving towards DevOps models to streamline their development cycles and improve deployment reliability. As a … Continued