What technologies are used when developing games for mobile devices

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We tell you how to start developing games and become in demand in the industry, even if you are completely new to IT. The profession of a game developer is one of the most popular among programmers. A game developer creates code that breathes life into what a game designer is up to. Programmers can write games for PC, XBOX, PlayStation, as well as mobile platforms Android and iOS. When developing, it is best to use 2d game art outsourcing.

What you need to know to start making games

The main thing is to be able to program. Since one of the most popular game creation engines is Unity 3D, it’s worth starting with C #. Then you need to master the engine itself – creating game spaces and menus, working with the editor and creating your own scripts – all these are important aspects of working with the engine. You must be able to work with databases and be able to work in a team – both with managers and designers, as well as with other developers.

However, a novice developer must confidently possess the necessary skills and be able to:

  • Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional games.
  • Develop for mobile devices.
  • Create game interfaces, menus, landscapes and levels.
  • Be able to work with game objects and components.
  • Know the language of C #.
  • Create games in Unity 3D.
  • Use OOP correctly.
  • Work with collections, delegates and exceptions.
  • Optimize games.

Where can I learn this?

The network has a huge amount of open resources devoted to the study of C # and Unity 3D. You can start studying the profession of a game developer yourself, but keep in mind that this will take a lot of time. In addition, this will require strict discipline from you – because even to find the answer to the question that arose during the study, you will have to try.

Is it possible to simplify everything?

“I wish I could create a game for Android myself!” How many of us have never thought of this once? Create your own application or game for android without programming knowledge – Really! It is enough to download the program or use the online service (designer) of applications. Designers are paid and free, as well as with the possibility of making money on advertising that will be displayed in your applications. However, the easiest way to create a game would be mobile game development services.

Game Creation Applications

The easiest and most affordable way is to download the application for creating games in Google Play, yes, the game will be simple, but you need to start somewhere.

  • Draw your game

A convenient program that provides everyone and everyone the opportunity in a few simple steps to create your own video game.

  • Sketch nation create

Another good platform for creating online games. Now you can make real multiplayer games in real time and play them with your friends. The application allows you to create from the simplest to more advanced games using various genres, making the service suitable not only for children, but also for students, and even teachers.

Online game and application builders

If you decide to try a more serious platform for creating games and applications, with further publication on Google Play and the AppStore, we recommend that you try any of the online builders for the PC below.

The best online services where you can create games and applications for mobile devices:

  1. Appsgeyser – Probably the best online designer to date. Appsgeyser allows you to create various types of games and applications in unlimited quantities for free. After checking and testing your software, you can freely publish it without any restrictions. In addition, you will receive 50% of the revenue from displaying ads.
  2. Unity3d is one of the world’s largest creative communities – and the number one game development platform. With Unity, you can create any 2D and 3D games. The development process will be easy, and the result will be deeply optimized and beautiful.