Ways to make your account popular in Instagram

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Promotion account in Instagram – a whole range of paid and free, black and white methods. You should understand them if you chose this network to promote your business. Let’s talk about some ways that really works.

As in any social network, many services and companies offer black methods of promotion: cheating subscribers, buying likes and comments. But you have to choose the right company that will be the best in such cases before starting to work with such methods. Sometimes it’s better to use some not really white methods. We will share some of them right now.

So, catch some free and paid ways of promotion in Instagram that work!

1. Interesting content

The basis of a successful promotion on Instagram is interesting high-quality content that is directly related to the business being promoted and is in the interests of your subscribers. Do not be afraid to write long informative posts, now this network is the number one blog in terms of signs. If you add a great photo or video to good text, you can assume that the first step to success has been taken.


Likes are a common indicator of the popularity of posts and activity on a blogger account. But if your account is completely new, it can be quite difficult to type likes. Poprey likes can help you with it. With this service, you can purchase likes and revive your account.

3. Be open

In Instagram and Facebook there is a complex rotation of posts in the feed. As soon as your subscriber stops liking posts, the social network decides that you are not interested in it and ceases to put your publications in priority. As a result, the subscriber loses the opportunity to receive the long-awaited content from you, and you run the risk of slipping to the bottom of the news feed and simply losing some of your subscribers.

So do not hesitate to ask directly to put a like in an unobtrusive manner: “we are pleased to receive your likes”, “thanks for like”. You can also promise to post some interesting information as soon as the previous post collects a certain number of likes.

Another good solution is to remind your subscribers about the function “Enable notification of publications” and then they will see, read and, of course, like your every post!

4. Live, stories

Now it is possible to launch live broadcasts and stories, which are stored for 24 hours and are automatically deleted without clogging up the news feed. These ways of promotion in Instagram are good because subscribers receive a notification about the launch of a live broadcast, and accounts that have new features are highlighted. Not everyone is thinking about the benefits of this function: be one of the first to receive maximum benefit from it.

5. Massfoloving

Look for interesting people who can become your customers. Leave likes and comments under their photos and, perhaps, going into your account they will be interested and want to subscribe to you.

6. Circular competition

Let’s tell about one more interesting type: circular competition. You will need to come up with prizes, negotiate with several thematic accounts and identify the rules of activity. All that is required of the participants: to subscribe to each account and wait for the prize. Thus, the audience is exchanged. Methods of repost for Instagram promotion are also acceptable, but you should bear in mind that it scares many of them from participation in contests – not everyone wants to score their news feed.

7. Links to friendly products

Social networks – friendly environment. Where else can you make new friends so freely, watch the life of strangers, share your opinion? Find like-minded people, agree on mutual crossposting with the mention of your products. Do this not often and not rudely.

Using all these techniques you can very quickly make your account popular and turn subscribers into your customers.