The Importance of Transcription in The World of Commerce

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Whether at a professional or personal level, attaining goals is something that can benefit everyone. These resolutions and targets can be used to model KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for approaching quarters, in addition to gaining more importance as both small and large companies kick their efforts up a gear at the tail end of another 12 months of operation.

To save time, keep up with projects and targets and make administrative tasks more efficient, many companies are making use of audio transcription services – considered to be a key part of the productivity problem. This is the most straightforward solution in ensuring that recalling, indexing and searching everything is much easier by creating high quality and precise transcripts of day to day business processes. There are many advantageous ways of making time and cost savings in the long run with audio to text services for business.

1. Transcribing Meetings and Interviews  

For a business to prosper and grow continuously, from a structural and strategic point of view, interviews and meetings tend to be necessary, if not unavoidable. For most however, recording these important occurrences in document format can turn out to be a tiresome and challenging experience – transcribing an interview by hand may take hours. You can reference documented content easily and swiftly, save energy and create a more natural flow by simply recording meetings and interviews in audio format to then be converted to text.    

2. Documenting Conferences and Other Events

To establish a vast and productive network and, with it, attain sustainable growth, in person events and conferences may be necessary depending on your industry. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to link up with other individuals who share your beliefs, in addition to learning more about potential clients and the ins and outs of the industry as a whole, through these events. You need not worry about documenting each and every detail by hand, and can thus focus on the ongoing conversations, by recording conferences featuring numerous speakers for transcription.  

3. Closed Captioning Video Clips

Now used for building a strong brand, reaching out to consumers and communication important information, video content ranks highly in the marketing realm. You can open your entity’s video content to a larger audience and attract a higher number of internet users, by enhancing your website’s Search Engine Optimization using audio to text transcription, to add transcripts to all your Vimeo and YouTube videos, thus ensuring that search engines crawl and rank the site.

4. Documenting Your to Dos And Ideas

To implement a great project you need a similarly great idea, which should be followed up with a great list of activities to be done to bring it to fruition. Documenting spontaneous brainstorming sessions, ideas and thoughts is much easier if you use a transcription app as you no longer have to put down every detail by hand. You also don’t have to sit down and type everything, when transferring the recorded audio details to text format to enjoy the advantages of having an accurate record of your thoughts.   

5. Producing Company Specific Documents

For use in highly specific tests and analyses, many businesses, now appreciate the importance of creating customized company specific documentation. To produce documentation to be used by engineers, data scientists or anyone else develop ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) platforms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems among others, we have a trained team of professionals capable of converting huge amounts of video and audio records into a collection of custom company specific documentation. Our transcription services are offered in a variety of languages including, Latin American and European Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese as well as all variations of the English language.