Marketing features for law firms

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The first question that arises after the project has been passed to you: “What should I do?”. The first thing to do is to calm down, because to work out a huge amount of information related to the promotion of a law firm, you need a cold mind, logic and common sense. There is no other way, because your customers are demanding and serious, and the competition in this business niche is very high. There are also some blogging tips for lawyers that you have to know.

To understand what you are dealing with, and what tools are best used for further promotion of a law firm, conduct a marketing research that includes:

  • website audit;
  • analysis of the main competitors;
  • collection of information on new trends in jurisprudence over the past year;
  • comprehensive study of the specifics of a business niche;
  • needs analysis of the target audience;
  • drawing up recommendations for improving the work of the website (adding new options useful to the visitor, restructuring the menu, design correction).

After receiving the results of the study, you will clearly understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of the website, and how to build your project work in order to get the maximum result.

Another aspect that you have to attention for at the beginning of work is the key problems faced by 90% of the teams working with lawyers.

Having identified them and eliminating them at the initial stage, you will significantly facilitate and accelerate the promotion of legal business on the Web:

  1. Lack of a clear concept: many law firms seek to reach different target audiences – from individuals making out a gift to the country, to large holdings resolving production disputes. This is a good approach, but it does not always work. It is necessary to clearly define the circle of people with whom you work primarily – individuals or legal entities, and over time expand the range of services, attracting new customers;
  2. Ignoring the needs of customers: every law firm has a clear charter, according to which they work. Retreat from it is difficult, because they refuse to “comfort zone”. And the best way to stay within the framework of the set of rules is to ignore the wishes of customers, their requests for the introduction of new services or to speed up certain procedures. In this case, you need flexibility, the desire to listen and hear customers;
  3. Copying logos, color palettes, slogans of competitors: to inspire with the ideas of others – it is commendable, but brazenly “to borrow” certain elements of the website from competitors is shameful. If you notice a similar nuance, do not be afraid to offer the customer a solution to the problem – a unique logo, slogan, content, and other “features” that will set it apart from the competition;
  4. Lack of feedback: on many legal websites there are no active elements – online chat, pop-up windows, feedback forms. Typically, the header (top panel) shows phone numbers and email address. Now you need to interact with the website visitor, and push him to take action, otherwise he will lose interest in your portal.

The preparation of articles (blog is the best choice) and reviews is an integral part of legal services marketing.

By providing comprehensive information about a particular procedure, its intricacies and “pitfalls”, you will immediately kill three “birds with one stone”:

  • keep a visitor on the web resource;
  • expand your target audience;
  • attract new customers who are looking for a solution to a specific problem.

Equally important for the promotion of law firms are additional services:

  • e-mail newsletter;
  • online consultation;
  • promotions and special offers for new and regular customers (discount on legal advice);
  • coupons;
  • maintaining thematic channels in social networks (Facebook, YouTube);
  • placement of reviews and articles about the company on third-party websites.