How to protect yourself from the side effects of steroids

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We want to give a few recommendations that a beginner with sports pharmacology should adhere to if he or she wants to continue training effectively, and most importantly, without consequences.

Study your family’s medical history

Ask your loved ones what your relatives were sick with. If the first had a hernia and the second suffered an industrial accident at work, that’s okay. But if they both suffered from cardiovascular disease, that’s a reason to think: either use the lowest possible doses of medication with a perfectly healthy lifestyle, or give up using pharma altogether. In other words, the first thing to do is to rule out chronic diseases and allergies that could be exacerbated by a course of AAS. Only then can you go to and buy steroids.

Raise your medical literacy

Do not start using steroids blindly. First find out all the necessary information about their effects, side effects, and specifics of injections or taking pills. Is the drug more androgenic than anabolic? If so, there is an increased risk of acne and hair loss. Is it methylated? Then there is a danger to the liver. Is it aromatized (conversion to estrogens occurs)? There is a high probability that you will grow female breasts like anorexic fitness models. If you don’t use regenerative medication. These nuances you need to know yourself in time – on the basis of tests during and at the end of the course – to prevent side effects.

To this point we should also add that you should soberly assess your current physical condition. Without a long background in the gym and a foundation in the form of good fitness, anabolics will be a waste of time for you. It is necessary to understand that these are not miracle pills, which in a few weeks will turn you into a bodybuilder. The most trivial: you need to know the exercises, know how to eat and recover for bodybuilding.

Reduce body fat

Get rid of excess weight, so your heart doesn’t have to work so hard in and out of training. Plus, there are studies that hint that having a normal body weight or athletic physique increases the effectiveness of steroids (because less of the active ingredient is converted into estrogens). Again, getting back to the question of physical fitness. Anabolic and androgenic steroids are a companion product that stimulates your results in the gym, not provides them. 

Tests before, during and after the course

Before getting acquainted with sports pharmacology, you should be thoroughly examined: general analysis of urine and blood, biochemistry and other procedures. Taking steroids is possible only in the complete absence of health problems! Even when it is not the first course, it is still necessary to have fresh results of tests for sex hormones. Regular checks of blood pressure and red blood cell counts won’t be superfluous either. Only after the tests, you can visit and buy the necessary steroid medications.