How to choose the best hosting for OpenCart

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For each type of website there are specialized CMS that implement the necessary functionality better than their universal counterparts. The best CMS for an online store is OpenCart, which has all the necessary functionality out of the box. At the same time, the hardware and software platform on which the website is launched also has an important significance for the speed and efficiency of work. Let’s see how to choose a hosting on which OpenCart will be able to maximize its potential. First you need to decide on the features of the CMS and its basic requirements.

This CMS was originally developed for a specific, highly specialized task – creating online stores and online catalogs

Despite the fact that OpenCart is quite possible to create a regular business card website or article resource, it is not recommended to do this, since the system’s functionality was originally designed for online shopping. There are built-in tools for creating catalogs, sorting and cataloging products, flexible pricing and discounts, taking into account the popularity of individual positions and many other factors important for online trading.

Immediately after installing CMS OpenCart is a ready online store that you can customize and fill with goods. Interaction with the database and other resources is optimized for quick work directory. The server settings are crucial, so the speed of the finished website depends on how well the hosting for the online store on OpenCart is chosen. And the speed of the site directly affects conversion, especially in areas with high competition. Opencart hosting Fastcomet will be the best choice if you are looking for some reliable hosting provider.

Free hosting to host an online store is absolutely not suitable (as for any other commercial website)

Attempts to save on hosting will lead to the fact that the website will be slow and unstable, since the free hosting is hosted on cheap or highly outdated equipment. To install the CMS OpenCart, it is better to choose a high-quality hosting right away so that the website works quickly and it is always available.

If the provider has a test period, you will be able to assess how well its hardware and software is suitable for the operation of your website. This opportunity should not be neglected, because you can immediately find out how quickly and stably your website will work. In today’s Internet, the speed and continuous availability of the website are important factors for search engines. Therefore, choosing the right hosting for your online store, you will make your business much more efficient.

Using a dedicated server is the best way to ensure a stable high speed website operation

The main disadvantage of this approach is that the server needs to be set up and maintained independently, or you can hire a specialist and pay him for this job. This is very expensive, especially for a small directory, but this approach ensures a consistently high speed (on a regular hosting, the speed of your website is influenced by the load on other resources located on the same server).

There are two options for a dedicated server: physical and virtual. For the website owner, the interaction with both types of servers looks exactly the same, the only difference is in the number of available resources and cost of rent. Physical server is the best option if you want to choose a reliable hosting for OpenCart. But its cost is very high, so it is only suitable for large online stores with dozens of sales per day. At your disposal will be a maximum of computing resources, including all processor cores, system memory, hard drives and network port bandwidth.