How to become a professional in CS:GO?

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Are you just starting your adventure with the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and want to succeed on the battlefield as soon as possible? On the site you will find a lot of additional products for CS:GO.

Many people would like to become a “professional player,” but also many would like to play better, shoot more accurately and move more efficiently. CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is one of those long-lived games in which some people have honed their skills for one or even several years, if you count the previous parts of the series.

You won’t become a professional player in a day, but there are things you can work on from the very first moments of the game. The few tips below are a start. CS:GO is best learned through practice, and it often turns out that a good mind is just as necessary as good accuracy. These few tips will help you with any problem on the legendary de_dust2 or de_inferno maps.

You don’t need a new monitor, but headphones and a mouse will definitely come in handy

A lot of equipment for players is designed with parameters important for the dynamic game. Before you decide to buy an expensive monitor with a refresh rate of 200 Hz, it is worth checking whether you will spend more time with this item at all. You can play CS:GO on anything you want, but only two types of equipment are absolutely necessary to have fun just for fun and not to disturb others: good headphones with a microphone and a mouse. It doesn’t have to be high-end equipment, and the mouse doesn’t have to shine with millions of RGB colors. Only after these purchases you can plan for the next ones: mechanical keyboards, gaming monitors or expensive mouse pads.

Communicate, talk and learn vocabulary

Online team shooters are based on communication. Any team, even the worst team, that talks to each other has an advantage over one that is silent. If you are killed, you can relay through a microphone where the enemy shot at you. Then your team will know exactly where to aim their weapons first. 

Control the recoil of the weapon

Shooting in CS:GO is the hardest thing – next to moving – to master. If you first get your hands on an AK-47, your natural instinct is to pull the trigger and fire the entire magazine into the air, against the wall or the floor, but certainly not at your enemy. Weapons in CS:GO are a bit like the real thing – they have high recoil, dispersion and force. The easiest way to check this is to do an experiment. Just shoot a series against the wall without moving your mouse in any way. Do you see any bullet marks? A good player can control the recoil so that he sees one group of holes.

Another important tip is that you can use various specialized resources dedicated to the game. For example, you can find a lot of useful stuff at Here you will get a lot of great features that you can use in the game itself. You can buy skins for your weapons and other items that will help diversify the gameplay.