Gain Instagram followers without unsubscribes

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There is one question that keeps many users busy: is it possible to buy live Instagram followers? Undoubtedly, everyone would like to have only such accounts on their page. It is the live users who can popularize your account and bring it to the top of the top, if they are really interested in what you offer them. After all, it’s very easy to buy followers at But a live, interested audience is an entirely different task.

So how do you get the results you want? You can certainly turn to the service and try to buy live Instagram subscribers, but still their quality will be somewhat different exactly from those users who will want to view your updates for free themselves. Such a problem can easily be solved by such a method of getting exactly live followers, as following. Let’s define what this method is. Following can be done in two ways: manually and by software.

What you have to know about following

  1. Manual. Being in the social network Instagram, you yourself find users and subscribe to their pages. Then you need to wait for a grateful feedback in the form of the same subscription. It is worth bearing in mind that in doing so, you need to comply with the restrictions imposed by the network. For example, you cannot subscribe to more than 200 accounts per hour.
  2. The software differs from the previous variant by the fact that all your actions in the network are imitated by the installed software. This option is more convenient because it greatly speeds up the process and facilitates the work with social networks. But despite all the convenience, the software involves certain risks for the account owner.

Having clarified what is such a process as following, we can move on to its direct analysis. Therefore, let’s find out what the pros and cons are of using this method.


  • The possibility of buying real followers on Instagram. Indeed, with the help of followering you get those live users that you have found will agree to subscribe to your account.
  • Using the program following speeds up the account development process.
  • Properly performed following does not risk having your account blocked by the system. That is, it really is the safest option for getting live users.
  • But most importantly – your audience will be really interested in your account and what you offer your users. And this gives huge prospects for further development of the page.


  1. Spending quite a lot of time waiting for return subscriptions. You have to wait for users to be interested in your account.
  2. It is impossible to control the process of getting traffic. A large number of users can be subscribed to your account at one moment, or it may take quite some time for no response at all.
  3. This method can bring quite a different result than you expect. First of all, you need to interest users, and this may not work for everyone.
  4. If you perform manual following ineptly or incorrectly set up a software that performs it, instead of live followers, you will get your account blocked.

Thus, it turns out that to buy live followers Instagram is really real. However, you need to do it very carefully. It will be better if first you consult on this issue with an experienced specialist. Otherwise, all the work spent on the development of the account in this way will be in vain. And you can easily lose both your Instagram account and the money invested in this method of getting followers. So in some situations, it makes sense to buy instagram followers cheap $1. It is the best way to get some fast followers without some huge investment.