EasyStaff services

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Hiring remote workers and freelancers has become commonplace for many companies. If you have already worked with such employees, then you are certainly aware of the difficulties of payment and legal processing that can arise in this situation. 

You can pay a specialist without the paperwork, but this carries certain risks. So it makes sense to use specialist services for payment that can help you simplify and speed up the process. Such platforms are regarded as third-party contractors, which allow you to transfer funds to performers without concluding a huge number of contracts. The services take full responsibility for making the payments to the card and guarantee the result.

Advantages of EasyStaff service 

EasyStaff allows organisations to pay remote workers, freelancers and individuals under b2b contracts and with closing documents that are generated in the company’s personal account. There are several major benefits you can get thanks to https://easystaff.io/

  • No need to conclude additional contracts, which reduces paperwork and simplifies the work of your subordinates. 
  • The ability to hire specialists from all over the world. 
  • No need to formally register each employee you hire. You can choose and use different workers each time you hire them.
  • EasyStaff will take care of all taxes and other charges, you just have to pay a commission for the company’s services. 
  • The company will also make it easy for your subordinates to switch to remote work. 

How does it work?

In order to work with the service, you need to register, get access to a personal account and form the task to be solved by the contractor. The freelancer, in his/her turn, fulfils the task, sends the result and, in case of confirmation of the completed work, receives the amount, which is deducted from the employer’s personal account balance. The service then proceeds to the preparation of closing documents.

You can work with different freelance platforms or look for remote employees by any other methods. The service will also be useful for accountants to simplify their tasks. They will not have to calculate and pay taxes and other charges themselves. Note that the scheme of work is absolutely transparent. Everyone will benefit – you will be able to save money on deductions and tax payments, and workers will receive their wages in a convenient way.

With this service you can make one-time or mass payments of salaries to individuals. There is no need to deal with a lot of paperwork after each freelance hire. You transfer the entire amount once under the general contractor agreement and the firm will distribute it to the freelancers – the money will be sent to the account, bank card or e-wallet during the working day. So it’s a convenient way to hire a lot of freelancers and be sure that their work will be paid quickly and without extra time from your side.