Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service

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A missed call can be very costly in the business world. For instance, a missed call can cost an estate agent a lot in terms of commission on selling a particular house (the agent could end up losing about £5,000). Most of the business owners out there either don’t know or are not sure about the benefits of a telephone answering service.

They don’t know how this service can benefit both small and big businesses. There are business owners who don’t know how the telephone answering system works and may wrongly associate it with a call center or wonder how this service can fit their business.

Because of this, Face of Business has decided to help people understand what a call answering system entails and alleviate any misconceptions about this service. Visit Answer first and find out more about what this provider can offer you.

A call answering service helps a business avoid missed calls. Here are a few instances when an answering service can help:

When You Are a Sole Trader or One-Man Band

This applies especially if you are a sole trader or one-man band with a mobile phone and one landline making it hard or impossible to answer two calls at once. Imagine this: you are attending a meeting and you don’t have a receptionist and your business’s contact is on all your promotional literature. You are supposed to receive all the calls. What will you do?

The best thing to do is to consider an answering service to help you out. We have a message only package that can have your phone covered for as little as £38 per month which is cheaper than hiring a full-time or part-time receptionist to receive business calls on your behalf. When you choose our services, all you have to do is to divert your business calls to us whenever your phones are unanswered or engaged.

If You Are the Owner of a Small Business with a Small Number of Employees Who Are Mostly Very Busy

It’s hard to answer all your business calls when your employees are mostly busy. However, remember that these calls enhance your brand and they should be answered. What will you do to ensure that you receive all your business calls even with a small number of employees who are mostly very busy? Our message only package ensures that all of our clients phone lines are diverted to our answering service and messages are taken and sent immediately to a customer by email or text.

If You Are the Owner of a Large Business with a Reception and Switchboard

Even if you have a reception and switchboard, you will come to realize that there are some missed calls during lunch breaks, when your receptionist is off sick or on annual leave. The good news is that we have an outsourced reception package that enables larger companies to divert their business calls to us when their switchboard or receptionist is busy.

This service complements your own and is seamless in the transition from your business to ours. This outsourced reception package will also enable you to use our services during staff holidays, when an employee is off sick or during busier periods.

Why Choose our Call Handling Service?

You will get your own dedicated PA- This comes with some of our packages and it will give you peace of mind as the PA will try as much as he or she can understand your business in order to help you in the best way possible.

Free Landline Transfers– If you choose our service, you will not have to pay for transfers

Call Recording– We have a call recording facility that allows our clients to listen back to their calls

Saves You Money– By hiring our services, you will save on costs associated with hiring

Increased Efficiency– Our service will help you save time and ensure that you and your employees focus on core business activities instead of calls including unwanted sales calls

Enhanced Brand– Our service can help enhance your brand as all your callers will have a voice at the end of the phone at all times

Business Growth– We will ensure that your business grows by receiving all calls and capturing potential new clients.